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Peace One Day Smilebox from Germany


Ilse Schwartz <Ilse-Schwartz@web.de>


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2010-Sep-20 22:50:01


Peace One Day 2010 - Common Smilebox

Dear friends,

Yulia - one of Valerian's students in Russia - sent us her picture (PEACE ONE DAY 2010) with a sentence of deep wisdom. She wrote:

"You might snatch a lot by force yet you can get much more by agreement. It's for sure senseless to rule over the subdued people, but it's great to live in peace in the happy world!"

Recently, I discussed with many students of very different ages in some German schools in Hamburg on the theme: war - violence - peace. Suddenly a little boy (3rd grade, primary school) asked me: "Why many politicians don't understand what horrible things they do?" On this question politicians have always many, many answers but the teacher and I couldn't respond because truly - there is no answer to this question!

Below you find the smilebox of Todd's project for the International Peace Day tomorrow. I'll also send it to Jeremy UK (PEACE ONE DAY) this night so that we globally can share your students' pictures with a lot of other people outside of Todd's great project, too.


(Please enjoy FULL SCREEN !!!

Click first to the link below. Afterwards click to the button FULL SCREEN when the smilebox starts to open. You can leave FULL SCREEN by the ESC-key of your keyboard and enter FULL SCREEN again by the symbol FULL SCREEN below the smilebox.)
Click first:


Thank you again to all students and teachers who actively support the international Day of Peace tomorrow!
Have a great time.

Peace !!!


Yulia's picture

Yulia's picture

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2 lccc  
I’m happy to introduce to you a colleague from Israel - Marsha Goren - who has started the Global Dreamers project. Marsha is one of 10 ePal Teacher Ambassadors 2010 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILucyoBbz00

1 Ana Luisa Lozano  
Ana Luisa Lozano (Ecuador) September 21 at 9:01pm
Hi Valerian,
Please give my congrats to Julia for her drawing...it is very good as well as her thinking! It is great to listen to our kids...as I always say: from them we get lots of motivation and warmth.

Thanks for your comments about my kids' pics...
Ilse's smilebox is really wonderful and touching, isn't it?
To make our kid's voice be heard around the world is an effective way to make people think and act accordingly.


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