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Главная » 2014 » Ноябрь » 18 » Do you want to become the CLASS OF THE MONTH in the Global Community?
Do you want to become the CLASS OF THE MONTH in the Global Community?

Do you know a class that should be featured on ePals?  Would you like your class to be featured? Every month, ePals highlights a classroom from our community. This allows us to showcase the diversity of our global community and the uniqueness of our classrooms. If you have a classroom you would like to nominate, send them this questionnaire to complete and have them submit it to epalsinaction@epals.com.

In addition to the questionnaire, ePals asks Featured Classrooms to submit a photo of your class.  ePals would also ask that they three additional photos of their choosing including:

  • A photo of students’ school lunches.
  • A photo of your school building.
  • A photo of what you see outside your classroom window.
  • A photo from your town, city, or country.
  • A photo related to a special holiday.
  • A photo of a game students enjoy playing.
  • A photo of a favorite food that is unique to your country.
  • Any other photos you would like to share.

Please note: Before we can show your students in our Class of the Month area, you must have parental permission for their likeness to appear on our website.

Questions for Class of the Month

Please tell us the following information: Teacher’s name, school name, city, country, age of your students.


  1. Tell us 5 words that describe your classroom.
  2. Tell us something special or unique about the state or country in which you live.
  3. Tell us something special or unique about your school.
  4. Describe what’s in your lunchboxes on a typical day.
  5. What are 3 favorite songs of students in your class?
  6. Describe a special holiday or tradition celebrated in your state or country.
  7. What outside games to you play on recess or after school?
  8. Name some traditional foods that visitors to your state or country should try?
  9. What is the most popular sport in your classroom? (To watch or to play?)
  10. What do you wear to school each day?
  11. What is the most popular subject in your classroom?
  12. How many pets are owned by students in the class? What kinds?
  13. How do you say hi to friends in your school?
  14. Describe what do you see outside your classroom window?
  15. Name 3 favorite books (title and author) of students in your class.
  16. How do kids in your classroom celebrate their birthdays? (foods, events…)
  17. What would you like to do on ePals? What kinds of projects? Classrooms or countries you’d like to connect with?


If you’d like, please attach a cookie (or another bite-sized food) recipe that comes from your state/country. We will be featuring a day where we encourage classrooms to make cookies from another country and talk about it on the student forums.



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